When you create a blog….

I feel like a first date,
A road ahead of dense fog,
That is exactly how you feel,
When you write your first blog!

I used to write since I was 8. Those little pink secret diaries with little locks. The locks which could be opened by a single knock, held the most deep top secrets of my life; the people whom I liked, who I trusted, my favourite cartoons, my wish lists for when I grow up… Growing into teens, I transformed into a more formal way- Shahla s Daily Journals where I noted my every day events. Such as how were my experiences with schools, how did I cope with the change of country, how much I wanted to prove myself to my parents, how much I wanted this world to be a good place etc.  Now I read a page and wonder how stupid I was. Further moving to College life and in my early twenties, I lost all contact with myself- the visual verbal me!

Now in my late twenties, I wanted to write again. May be I miss that visual verbal me a lot, or probably, want to express the so many thoughts and dilemmas I am going through and share them with the world. When I discovered about blog writing, I did not took much interest in the field because studies and work never gave me any time for it. Now, the inner pressure of non stop questions and indefinite experiences is so compelling, I had to build this another visual vernal me again. But 15 years difference in writing had advanced. Now I can write and share my words with the whole world. This excites me.

As I write my first blog, I have a million things in mind to write about. It is tricky to decide which one first.
Hence, I hope to share my experiences, thoughts and every possible word inside my head with the world and hope it would help people in many ways.

So, Happy reading to you and happy writing to me :)!!!

Thank you for your time.