4 Things I hate about myself……

The top one is my feet,
They are so big and wide,
I love high heels and polished toenails
But only flats are on my side. 
Next is my denture, 
I have a crooked smile,
I avoid laughing in public
Pretend like its my style. 
My hair is so silky and smooth
It can never hold any updo
There is neither bounce nor volume,
And they are almost see through. 
My fingers are pretty weird
I can bend them like a rubber.
They hide my face pretty well
When i sneeze or blubber. 
Despite the crazy wide feet
And the absence of glamorous heels.
My feet travelled across the world
And held me firm like wheels. 
Despite my crooked denture,
I have many reasons to smile,
It lightens up my moms world
Across a few million miles. 
My hair is silky but make others jealous,
I never need keratin treatments.
I am not Rapunzel for sure,
But still recieve compliments. 
Fingers make me wonder sometimes
When I spend hours typing and writing,
What would I do without them
How would I draw anything exciting. 
Yes I am not perfect!
Afraid to look like an elf,
But  I have everything I need,
I must learn to love myself.