6 Shameful injustices done in BB7

Arman Kohli, who was sent out of Bigg Boss 7 house yesterday, but was brought back inside today aparantly. What is really amazing is that how easy it is for a criminal to abuse every single person on the show and then come back like nothing ever happened!

Bigg Boss team and Endemol India must understand that this is not just about a show anymore. You cannot shelter a criminal on national TV just because the guy belongs to a reputed family. The show is popular in the UK and USA too and the kind of image you are portraying of India, is really unhealthy. Game is game only until the players abide by some basic ground rules.

Since the beginning of the show, SALMAN KHAN, Bigg Boss himself and even guests have been constantly unfair towards Kushal and Gauhar.

1.Kushal was disgraced instead of Tanisha when she pushed him in rage.
2. Gauhar did her best to be fair when she was responsible for the factory task but Big Boss humiliated her saying that she was unfair.
3. Salman Khan does not spare one chance to humiliate Kushal, while he barely points out on Arman.
4. When Kushal and Aijaz were called ‘PUPPETS’ by Sachin Joshi, they both had all the right to be angry on Sachin. As usual, Salman Khan insulted Kushal and Aijaz for being unwelcoming towards guests. Salman and Bigg Boss must be thankful that Kushal did not begin to fight then and there with Sachin for making such cheap and offensive remarks towards them. Who gave Sachin Joshi the right to visit someone at their home and humiliate them? Why couldnt he watch his mouth?

5. Arman’s assault on Sofia was completely ignored both by Bigg Boss (by just giving Arman a simple warning) and by Salman Khan who changed the topic to Kushal and spared Arman any answers related to it. Just saying ‘it was wrong’ to Arman is different from half an hour lecture and humiliation that Salman gave to Kushal.
6. In the life bottle task, Arman was brought back in the middle and Gauhar could not win. Arman did not deserve to be back at all.

The list is endless but the point is the image you portray of India as country to the world through such programs. Another truly hypocritical and shameful thing was the fact that no one from Arman or Tanisha’s family came to see them or these people acting in the show that others are all low lives and just because they belong to actor families, they are some kind of special people.

This is heights of hypocrisy. Just because others do not belong to Bollywood families, does it mean they are not respectable? And if the show Bigg Boss is that low and cheap, why did Tanisha and Arman chose to participate in the first place? Other TV actors are much more successful than these both losers and just having a rich family does not make any of them more deserving.

The show is a perfect reflection of the true Indian society, the way rich and powerful behave, the dirt in their actions, the assault and abuse they portray without shame and the reason why injustice prevails in India.

There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest. 

Elie Wiesel

Please post your thoughts and remarks on the comments section below. 

Love and Peace


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