JUSTICE DELAYED BUT NOT DENIED, but for how long?.Big Boss 7 house under spotlight

This season of BIGG BOSS 7 has been very different from all the other seasons ever. There have been crazy fights, nasty name callings and weird arguments in all seasons but this seasons participants have moved a step ahead in terms of disgracing the show itself.

Speaking directly about Arman Kohli, congratulations to Sofia Hayat @sofiahayat for taking the step and bringing him to prison. Shame on Indian Judiciary and BIG BOSS 7 Team that mere INR50,000 are enough to allow a criminal to be on National TV.

Among all the contestants in the Bigg Boss house, she is the only one who had the guts to stand up for herself against a chauvinistic pervert- ARMAN KOHLI! People have commented on Sofia Hayat both positively and negatively. Many people are biased just for the reason that she is not an Indian.I think that is the only reason why she had the guts to make a formal complaint regarding the abuse because all the other Indian women on the show admit his narcissistic attitude as a norm and try to play by his rules to maintain peace in the house. Others advice her to see a doctor as she admitted she has anxiety issues and stuff.

Guys, here the point is NOT about Sofia’s health or morality. What she does in her personal life and what is her career like CANNOT justify Arman’s violence. So, despite her issues, she is the only wise woman who did not take crap from ARMAN. Silence is violence and by breaking the silence on this issue, Sofia has done a job which others could not do.

I have read blogs where people say that she is taking crap from Arman in order to keep peace with him so she can have his loyal vote for the entire show. The ‘just-friends’ love affair between her and Arman Kohli is a strategy she is playing to win the game.

Again, whether or not it is a strategy, it is shameful that a woman is accepting domestic violence on national TV and portraying it as ‘doing the right thing’. I hate when Tanisha stands up and talks on standing for the right and being all modest. The moment when Sofia was going out of the house after Arman’s violent attack, instead of sympathing with her, she was making fun of her with Andy and passing hurtful remarks. Tanisha must be ashamed of herself.

When Tanisha had pushed Kushal, I was so disappointed that SALMAN KHAN acted so biased towards the issue. OPEN YOUR EYES AND BRAIN, INDIA- THIS IS WHY GENDER EQUALITY DOES NOT BLOOM IN INDIA, BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE THESE, MISREPRESENT IT!!!

Or talk about the episode when Arman pulled the chair on which Tanish was sitting by the kitchen counter. What kind of a middle aged man does that thing?

Look at these pictures and just think…are we living in 50s where women were treated like this and it was all OK?

Is this how you treat people in the house or at work, just because they do not do everything exactly the way you want?

I am a hardcore feminist and I am all for women power but NOT when the woman is devil and the man is innocent. Anger or no anger, she must NOT have pushed Kushal. Similarly, when Sofia was playing around with the mop and bucket, Arman had nothing to do with it. He was all dramatic about “saving Tanisha” from the dirty water, but it amazes me really- how stupid  can Arman be? Tanisha was sitting in the middle of the front seat, there was NO WAY the water could have ever reached her.

What Arman Kohli does is a classic example of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. This is why Indian men are ranked shamefully as the worlds top most violent men and more than 40% of our women accept it as a part of life and agree that they deserve it. Tanisha is one of them.

DOMESTIC VIOLENCE is not just physical, speaking in loud voice, swearing and abusing, making personal remarks is all ABUSE. Arman Kohli is a typical case of abusers who burst out and then apologizes for his actions. APOLOGY is only good for things done unintentionally.

ARMAN either needs to be in the prison or at a psychiatric ward at a mental hospital getting therapy for his unhealthy attitude towards others. Chose one of these for ARMAN but he does NOT deserve to be inside the Big Boss house. It is the responsibility of ENDEMOL INDIA to ensure that criminals are not allowed in the house and especially not the people who are abusive on TV within the house itself.

This is to Endemol, Big Boss 7 team and to India as a nation-
why do we have to wait for a woman to die or get absolutely injured, and only then we accept that the man is abusive and an offender? 

Please STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE at the root; just like this incident. Send Arman Kohli either to prison on grounds of emotional, physical and mental abuse not just on Sofia but all other contestants. Or if he admits that he is suffering from the Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Conduct Disorder, Psychotic Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Antisocial, Borderline, Paranoid and Narcissistic Personality Disorder, Adjustment Disorder with Disturbance of Conduct, and Intermittent Explosive Disorder, send him to a therapist.

IF THIS IS HIS PERSONALITY ON CAMERA, CAN YOU EVEN IMAGINE WHAT THIS MAN WOULD BE LIKE IN REAL LIFE? It is high time now India stand for not letting an abuser kill a woman and then do something about it. AND SALMAN KHAN BETTER NOT DEFEND ARMAN KOHLI THIS TIME.

“Never let a man put his hands on you without your permission.”
― Melda Beaty, Lime


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