MEGA LOLZ for you,a life time of pain for others…IAN WATKINS-Mr Pedophile

Applauding Judge, Mr Justice Royce who passed the decision to put IAN WATKINS in prison for 35 years for his extreme offences.
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What is shocking is that, the more human civilization progresses, the further away from morality it goes. This is the animal generation, it feels. We live among people who are worse than animals and beasts. Ian Watkins, a lead singer, a person loved by many, called baby rape as something ‘funny- mega lolz’. On reading such things you can either burst out in rage or feel sorry for such people who are mentally ill to the limit that they have forgotten the difference between sanity and insanity.

As much as we try to motivate women to speak up about abuse and domestic violence, we need much more attention to protect babies and children. At such tender age, when all they must see,hear and feel is love; no child deserves to suffer for the insanity of a mentally sick and disgusting man.
Help STOP child abuse. There are various organizations such as the Young MindsAction for ChildrenChild’s DreamBASPCANNAPAC and ofcourse the famous NSPCC which are doing great work to protect the nations kids. Seek help and donate whatever you can to help protect more and more innocent lives.

Hats off Detective Chief Inspector Peter Doyle and Justice Royce for putting hte man where he belongs.

Babies need love, lets promise to give them what they deserve.
Love and Peace,


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