Has Gauhar been victimized inside BB7 house? Why did GAUHAR get the LIAR TAG?

BB7 Contestant Gauhar Khan achieved the LIAR TAG in the house today as part of a task. I read about this question on many platforms where audience has been asked whether or not this is true and why. I will answer the question to the point and support it with reasons.


Some may ask, what is the difference. A victim is normally a sufferer or someone who needs smypathy and is too weak to cope on her own. Gauhar is a strong headed woman and has played like a one man army, all the way long. Inspite of all the drama and Kushal, her only true support departing from the house, she has played well. Who says that a strong woman does not cry? Ofcourse, she does, but she pulls herself together and stays put for her goal.

Everyone in BB7 House has done wrong things, said bad words and participated in bitching. No human being is perfect even in real world and let us not forget that BB7  is a game and NOT  a test of MORALS AND UPBRINGING as Tanisha Mukherjee always claim. “I always stand for the right, I always say things from my heart”, she actually must be ashamed of supporting Arman Kohli in his chauvinistic harassment. Time and again, Gauhar has pointed out for various reasons but the only flaw I see in Gauhar is that she has those leadership qualities, i,e she takes charge and responsibility. As was pointed out by Rajat Sharma as well “teacher”! That might be flaw for many becuase this is a competition and others may feel threatened to lose the game but in general, I do not see it as a flaw. With Kushal, she has had few arguments and what went wrong between the lovers, is best left to them to solve, unless it is as pathetic as Arman Kohli’s abuse of Tanisha.

Since there are only 5 contestants now, it is clear that all of them are on one side and Gauhar is on the other, all by herself. It is commendable to see how well she is facing everyone and living among people who dislike her and want her to loose the game. Each one of the contestants know that the chances of Gauhar winning the show are much higher which is why they feel threatened and it is visible in their words. She certainly is on the HITLIST of the housemates because she is the strongest of them all. Again, the show is NOT about the most pious, chaste and moralistic one in the house, but someone who has entertained the audiences and enjoyed him or herself without being awfully mean to the others.

H. L. Mencken said-

“It is hard to believe that a man is telling the truth when you know that you would lie if you were in his place.” THIS IS WHY TANISHA DOES NOT BELIEVE GAUHAR AND THIS IS WHY GAUHAR WON THE LIAR TAG!


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