Can you Change The World? What does it mean and take to change the world?

Hello Lovely people,

To change the world means different things to different people. Most importantly when we see disturbing things around us, we feel that deep desire inside our souls and say ‘I wish I could change the world’. 

While there are a lot of theories to changing the world, lets just be honest about it and ask- 
Can we really change the world?
Isn’t it just a vague thing to say, since the world is too big?
What can one tiny human being possibly do to change the world and what for?
And also, there comes a time when you think ‘I don’t give a damn anymore, I have my own problems going on’.
You concentrate on your 9 to 5 job and simply ignore the things around you.
You feel you are not responsible and someone, someday will take care of it.
You feel you give charity to some remote organization in India and that satisfies your desire to be altruistic.
You want to help but you don’t find time or resources to change the world.
In your late teens and early twenties, ‘changing the world’ sounds like a mission you are on. But as you grow older, you realize you’ve got enough to change within yourself and you simply stop caring for the world. 
Coming back to the question- CAN YOU AND I REALLY CHANGE THE WORLD?
The answer is both NO and YES.
NO, because yes, the world is too big and after a while you simply lose the motivation. More so, when you see the greedy politicians, corruption, people killing each other, your friends and family stabbing behind your back, you just lose faith in the goodness of humanity. You may feel that no one cares about you (except for a few people) so why should you bother to worry about the entire world. This is logical and obvious. 
But then you see the faces of those who love you. May be two innocent children hugging you all night long on those rainy thundery nights. A wife holding your hand through your tantrums and mood swings over your nasty boss. Or a husband standing by you during your PMS and other social troubles. You may not care for the entire world, for all those people who hurt you or give you pain. But you do care for these three people.
And then appears the TRUTH.
When you help mankind in anyway, to change the world into a better place, 
you don’t do it for the whole world
you do it for the three people you care most about.
It is easy to say that ‘I did not go ahead and study or pursue my dreams because I had to take care of my children’. But people who do go ahead and pursue their dreams against all odds, they are the ones who make a real contribution to their children. 
I recently read about the fantastic astronaut Massimino (the one you saw on The Big Bang Theory Show too) about his spacewalk  and the time he was struggling to fix the telescope. He said in his interview that at that desperate moment when he was up there, floating in dead space, he did not think of the entire world. He just thought of his two children, that they would not be able to see how Planet Earth looked like from the space. Of course there is a sense to make a contribution to humanity but lets face it; we human beings care more when our own flesh and blood is involved. He thought of his kids and got inspired further and successfully fixed the telescope which has given us the ‘never before’, priceless pictures of Planet Earth that are now used for research and innovation. Read his interview here. Mike spends months as he works at NASA, many times away from his wife and children. But the contribution he is making to changing the world, is not just for his own children but for the entire humanity. 
If you want to change the world, make sure you have a strong motivation to keep you going. This motivation is the people around you, the people who would go to any distance for your good. You don’t do it for the billion people, you do it for that one person who you care for more than the billion. I remember my Dad once told me that if he had to sell his blood to send me to school, he would. Fifteen years later, I still remember his words and everything that I do, I do it for him; for my little brother who deserves a better world when he grows up… 
Yes, you can change a lot in the world but only if you care enough, love enough and don’t hide behind excuses of inadequate resources and knowledge. Just go out there and search for it, stand up for something or you really will fall for everything. Let me also warn you, it is not child’s play and sacrifices are needed. But at the end of the day, when you see your loved ones smiling and proud of you, all is forgotten 😀
Love and Light

2 thoughts on “Can you Change The World? What does it mean and take to change the world?

  1. I do not agree here. I am a feminist. Till I talk about issues like sexual assaults, domestic violence and education, it is fine. But when
    I start on gender equality, I do not see anyone beside me. you must have read islamic scriptures which stress on this ‘man and woman is equal but not identical’ or something in those lines. Speaking about getting married when you want to or not willing to have kids is not understood by my own friends who are my own age. I will not need my flesh and blood relatives to stand by me and encourage me to do what I do. It must be nice to have family with you. But many who wish to fight against patriarchy have to fight within their own family. And when saying ‘changing the world’ we mean leaving a better world. It might mean changing the things in my family, locality, city or country. I know many friends who are actually away from family, sometimes without full support from family, working towards the social causes they believe in. If I talk about a whole country, I will say that Arvind kejriwal did a revolutionary thing by starting AAP and there were many people coming up to speak against the corrupted system. There are people who worked against evils like sati and you donot see them now. There are changes and betterment in the society because someone belived they can indeed change the world.
    But as you said, it is not a child’s play and demands lots of sacrifices.


    • Changing the world is a very broad subject. It includes inventing solar heaters to fighting against patriarchy. When you write about being a feminist, it certainly has a lot of added challenges than asking people to save energy.
      The simple reason is the deeply embedded cultural values of people. Most people resist to change and feminism is a radical notion where patriarchy is objected. Patriarchy is a system that has existed for millions of years and to change that, we need a lot of activism and debate.
      I understand what you mean because I am a speaker on gender issues and my family sometimes frown at the kind of work I do because rape, domestic abuse and violence is a TABOO and they must be more comfortable if I work on a COOKERY SHOW.

      However, when I stand in front of an audience and explain the importance of non violent healthy relationships or describe the mental trauma of a rape victim, people not only listen, they literally shift their attitudes.

      Thus, my mission is accomplished. Chaning the world in a social sense will always have the strongest resistance but it happens. If racism against black people and British Raj in india could end, I am sure other thigns can change too.

      Just needs 3 things:
      1. TIME
      2. PATIENCE
      3. YOU

      Cheers !

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