What/who do you turn to for peace?

Are you connected with the best platforms of life?

Social Media platforms are a part of our life today. We all have some sorts of virtual accounts that connect us with thousands of others. I am sure you have come across viral videos and research lately that is pointing out the psychological damages of virtual networking on each user. We have this illusion in our minds that we are “connected” with so many people but the fact is we were never more lonely. Likes and status updates is just a bid for attention or an attempt to provoke envy, say the researchers.

I do have accounts on few platforms and while I cannot deny some benefits, I do agree with their negative aspects as well.

Anyways, this led me thinking, instead of Social Media Platforms, how about I focus on my Spiritual Media Platforms?

Don’t know what that is?

No worries, its simple and will improve the quality of your life by 100%…

“Spiritual Media Platforms are those networks or connections that do not need technology and words.”

Let me quote my example. I notice that the solution to most of my problems come from water, in water or around it. After a long tiring day, I need a long hot bath. After a long hot day, I need a dip in a cold pool. When it rains, I can spend hours under the bare sky. When I need to cry, I am in the shower. When I need inspiration for new ideas, I am in my bubbly bath, creasing my brows in deep thought as I pour fist fulls of water from one palm to another or scoop up some bubbles in my palm and blow them slowly as I think harder.

My spiritual connection is with water. Unfortunately, there is no beach near my home and I don’t have access to the larger bodies of water (neither man made nor real). But I turn to water in whatever way I can, to find that spiritual connection and find my peace.

If you don’t know your spiritual contact yet, you must focus on what has worked in the past. It could be-

1. Silent praying

2. A chat with your Mom

3. Gardening

4. Feeding the fishes or birds

5. Watching the stars glow

6. A walk in the park

7. Lay flat over the sands of an Arabian desert 

                     ……………………………………. the list goes on.

I am sure you have one too. Always cherish your connection with that one thing and spend more time with it than you do on other social media platforms that mitigate the quality of your life with crowds of school friends you never spoke with even when you sat in the next row to them.

I would love to hear from you about your spiritual connections. Let me know about some interesting and quirky connections you have made and how do they make you feel.

What/who do you turn to for peace?


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