8 People you must AVOID sitting next to at a WEDDING

Hey my Beautiful readers,

Weddings are an integral part of our society and celebrations are great to meet people you never usually see. Nevertheless, some weddings suck if you are around the WRONG people…(especially if you are SINGLE)

Here is a list of those you must totally avoid:

1. A recently married couple
This couple would not stop bragging about their honeymoon and all the newly wed romance. Occasionally they will remind you about your single life and keep giving unwanted examples: “for example…see Mike and I are so happy that we got married…”blah blah blah

2. Mother of an eligible boy/girl   

Mothers literally go hunting during weddings. I have seen a neighbour of mine seem to introduce/advertise her daughters to every wealthy lady in the party just so she could get them in the ‘eligible girls’ frame. Desperation, god, desperation

3. You Ex
Goes without explanation but if you think hanging out with your ex would be a good idea, think again. Do you really want to know how great he/she has done after breaking up with you? And are you sure it wont bother you after the party? Or may be you want to renew your logical reasoning on why you broke up with them….

4. Father of an eligible bachelor
This dude is not to blame, it seems pretty natural.Nevertheless it starts to suck for others when this guys keeps bragging about how great their son is doing, he has got a wonderful job and how much he is earning. Time to time he will ask how much you earn and where you work. His son can offer work related advice if you are unemployed or still working at a retail centre hoping that your dream job could work out.

5. Any old lady over 50s
This is some serious industrial level UNWANTED ADVICE CENTRE! They will keep asking you about your single life. Why don’t you get married? You are ageing, you need to settle down etc etc They will even try to hook you up with their sister’s husband’s cousins’s uncle’s son.

6. Couple who has just celebrated the wedding of their kids
This couple would not shut up bragging about how their son-in-law and daughter are travelling around the world and enjoying their honeymoon. Every second will be full of advice; from how to find a big fish son-in-law to which airport their daughter is tweeting from right now! You will go crazy but they would not even realize.

While I love kids, I have to say- avoid new moms. If I know the Mom, I usually prefer to hang out with the baby alone, so I take the baby and go for a little walk. I cannot even tell you how many parties I have been to where I spent time hanging out with babies or under 10 kids. (Talk about mature company right?) But when you sit near their moms……….you would either hear how Einstein-of-a-baby she has given birth to ORRRRRRR she would keep complaining that she isn’t getting any sleep and that having a baby is like this and like that…

Every party has some, I am sure you will notice these. I personally do not go to weddings every now and then but when I do, I put on a limited amount of food on my plate (buffet dinners) and eat what I like without pretending to be one of those nerve racking ‘I am too slim to eat party food’ kind of b@@@@@@. Healthy diet is a part of our daily routine and there is NO doubt about it. But people who come to weddings and make others feel guilty or point out on their food are awful. They would say things like “OMG how oily is that…I don’t know how you can eat it, I could NEVERRRR digest that”  or  “OMG I am totally ditching my diet tonight because of you, I don’t usually eat this stuff” If you love food, like me, avoid this person.

There can be many more but these are the main ones… Share your insights and people you usually avoid when you go to parties.

Happy Singlehood 🙂

Love & Light

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