A Very Public "I LOVE YOU" for the man I adore

For those of you who don’t know him, he is in his 60’s and very much non-retired, working 10 hours day, 6 days a week and prays (sometimes more than) 5 times a day.
The man with a pen between his fingers and a smile on his lips- my Dad!

My Dad is not a typical rough and tough macho sort of a guy. He is more like the inner strength and love and humour kind of dude (like Steve Martin). What else could you expect from a Diplomat but diplomacy and sophistication? He dedicated his life serving His Royal Highness, Prince Muqrin Bin Abdul Aziz, (who is next in line for throne in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,) for 30 years before he finally moved to India. With a professional credential like this, he has never known pride and arrogance. He is kind to the strangest and weirdest of people and patient towards the most hateful.

Being an Indian Muslim of strong Islamic values he never fitted in with the typical orthodox men. He raised his daughters with all the freedom and love he possibly could muster and the only goal he followed was to teach us how to be good human beings.

The best way for a father to show his love for his children is to LOVE THEIR MOTHER and my Dad never fell short of love for his ‘Salma’- my Mom 😛

At this point I am miles away, seven seas across and I desperately want him to know that I LOVE HIM and he is not alone. Some talks in life are too difficult to make. When you are young and you fall in trouble or go through a rough time, your father and mother hold your hand and encourage you to live through setbacks. But when you grow up and somehow, someday your parents need similar encouragement, things get weird because (a)you are their kid, they always know better right?,  and (b) you dont want to hurt their feelings by advising them and showing that now that you are educated, you know more than them.


You say “I LOVE YOU, DAD”,
                                           yes, that’s it, no advice, no consolation, no preaching. Just I LOVE YOU.

And when you have a world of wonderful friends out there (who know your Dad and also those who don’t) then you request your friends to share the message and tell him “Shahla says ‘I LOVE YOU’ and in your own words, may be
1- few words of encouragement, a quote
2- few words of kindness
3- if you know him, may be a memory of him, a story to share with others about him
4- DUA- prayers for his well being and patience.
but if nothing comes to your mind, just copy paste “Shahla says ‘I LOVE YOU'” which might take 2 seconds of your time.
Here is him on FB

If you love your Dad, please share this message with as many Dads as possible and tell them that you love them, life is too short for procastination and yes even on days other than Father’s Day and his Bday, you are allowed to express your love. Respecting privacy is kind; to encourage someone we don’t always need to know the details of their life. Just letting them know that you are there for them, no matter how many million miles apart and praying for them is one of the greatest gifts you can give them even as complete strangers.

Thank you for your time and I pray that all the wonderful and sacrificng Dads of this world live longer, stronger and propser!- Ameen.
Love and Light

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