The 3 Timeless Tests To Know If Someone Is A Real Friend

“It’s the friends you can call up at 4 a.m. that matter.”
Marlene Dietrich




One of the best times to meet new people and to create a long, durable friendship is during the college years.

But I still felt uneasy about friendship with members of the opposite sex until I realised that I actually had lots in common with many of the boys.

Plus, they seemed to feel the same.

This was initially a shock; after all I had always been led to believe that men were practically a different species entirely.

But actually some of the differences between the sexes can make for a more complete friendship, adding more depth and meaning, a more balanced perspective.

As in any friendships trust, loyalty and reliability are essential and there is a good way to test all these factors and build on a positive and enriching friendship.


The 3 timeless tests to know if someone is a real friend.

1) Travel with the Person


Spending time enclosed in a small space is a sure way of finding out if you get along. The hassles that can arise when travelling will either be dealt with in a positive way or very quickly start to annoy and frustrate you. But if you have chosen well travelling with a member of the opposite sex is exciting. They do see things you may not have noticed, they are wired up slightly differently after all, and having another ‘take’ on a situation can be very refreshing if you have only ever had single sex friends.


2) Tell him/her a secret


Obviously start with something small, not your inner most thoughts, and test them.

Does the information spread rapidly throughout college or does your new friend keep it to themselves?


3) Lend him/her money


College is all about learning to budget and at first mistakes are going to be made. If you see your friend struggling to reach the end of the week financially, lend them some money and help them through.

A real friend will repay you as soon as they can, thus giving more insight into the positive side of their nature.


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