What Everybody Ought To Know About Friends With Benefits

We the westerners have somehow never questioned our age old culture where we stereotype the opposite gender. There are certain ways in which we always think of the person of the other gender: pretty, beautiful, handsome, she can be just friends, or we are always going to be good as colleagues. Our societies and communities would do much better if you could think on the grounds of humanity first and get over the attitude of being a typical sexist. Men are not from Mars and women are not from Venus instead we are all people. Each having some potential that needs to be explored.


Why is it Necessary for Us to See Each Other as Equals

If we were only to get our minds off gender wars we would achieve much more than what we have gained. Our societies would be free of vices likes sexual harassment, and gender based biases and discrimination. People in this world especially those born handsome and beautiful would feel much more secure and they would not have to fend themselves of the opposite gender all the time instead they would use their energies to engage in something far more productive.


Our age old misgivings to gender stereotyping has led many men and women to believe that they can get away with their appearances and well maintained physics which they do because we have failed to emphasis on the need to present ourselves better and to carry ourselves well. A typical recruitment advertiser contains notes like opening for degree holders please send your passport size and full lengths photographs along with your application. We are not just being unfair to those not born attractive we are holding back productivity and keeping ourselves from exploring the real potential as a nation.


Exploring the Potential in National Resources

We are not just people but for our economy we are human resources and before we invest in the betterment of our society we need to get our attitude right or all our money would simply be going down the drain. We need all our members to be going in the right directions to be working hard to achieve what they want in their lives instead of taking the easy way out. We can help each other produce better only by having the right attitude i.e. by thinking of us as equal members of the society rather than anything else. We have wasted enough by thinking of each other as gender born to fulfill a single purpose. Now we need to overcome the way we see each other as aliens and we need to act as human before anything else.

The common GOALS

Men and women may be different biologically and in many other ways. But guess what? On the very basic level we want the same things from life? Remember Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs???


Maslow did not make two different pyramids, one for men and one for women. He did not differentiate in identifying what men want and what women want. Why, you ask? Well that is because they both need the same things!!!

Same needs and wants make us equals on most levels despite our differences. Can’t we focus on those similarities and learn to survive as co species and stop regarding the opposite sex as aliens? You need to know that this is possible by simply changing your perspective. Beginning to look at the other gender as a human and foster friendship, simple and pleasant.

If you have a friend of the opposite gender you cherish or believe in the total opposite because of your experiences, please share and let me know what you think.



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