2 Lies We Need To Stop Telling Indian Men

Patriarchy hurts men too; I guess we already established that. The toxic myths of masculinity suppress men’s emotions and personalities altering the real person entirely.

Indian men have seen the worst of it because of extreme sexism, racism and classism.

When I say, ‘the rights of Indian men’, most people look at me with raised eyebrows. I don’t blame them. Since the last few years, all the cases of violence against women have been paramount. India has been labeled as the worst place in the entire world to be a woman. No doubt, women are suffering the burnout but I would like you to know a few things.

Let’s talk about rape. Do you know that 4% of men commit more than 97% of sexual offences? That means these men are repeat offenders. This also means that most men out there are not rapists. Although the stats are not from India but on average this statistic is applicable almost everywhere in the world give or take few numbers.

However, the male community shares that outrage with the actual criminals. If you think about it, the actual culprit here is the system- patriarchy. It’s not the men because they are victims too.

I know you may not want to admit that. After all the word victim somehow challenges their masculinity. But the truth is it’s just a myth. Masculinity does NOT imply that men cannot be vulnerable.


Read full article on Campus DIaries


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