You Think Like a Rapist- The most important take away from the documentary #Indiasdaughter

Quick thoughts and arguments:

I miss the times when India was known as the land of snake charmers.

Being known for call centers and tandoori chicken was also not demeaning.

It was way better than the ‘land of rapists’ that we have shamefully earned.


Watching Sunny Leone dance to vulgar songs is not obscene.

But a documentary about the misogynist mindsets of Indians is obscene.


Net picking things like ‘she was good in English’ is said to be a symptom of ‘an attempt to reflect white supremacy’.

Looking at the context of the scene, it was mentioned to describe that Jyoti Singh (the victim) was able to work at a call centre because of her language skills.

The film is an attempt to ‘shame India’ globally. I thought India is already quiet ashamed, wasn’t it? And if it isn’t, then with or without the documentary, INDIAN POLICE AND JUSTICE SYSTEM as well as members of society must be ashamed.

India did not reach here because of one horny man. It’s the collective thinking of Indian men and women; a generation divide is a fairer word. A generation that taught us that men are superior and can enjoy freedom while women are nothing more than flowers for decoration and gems to be kept locked out in the locker of a bank.


What did Indian politicians think? Can they really put a ban on a movie and in this age of internet, people wouldn’t have access to it in other ways?

If the director was not Leslee but an Indian woman residing in India, by now her family would have been attacked, she might have raped or attacked and in fact she would never have been able to come this far. Not because Indian women lack talent but they definitely lack access to freedom. They lack access to respect from authorities whom Leslee would have approached for bureaucratic permissions and paperwork.

Banning this film is in itself an act of misogyny, shutting down the movement that reflects attitudes of Indian men towards women. What an irony?!?

The Defense Lawyers compared women to gem, flowers, everything but human being. I wonder which school he went and what would be the life of his daughter and wife like?

My question to the lawyer is;

If you think women are flowers, why don’t you keep your wife in the temple instead of home?

If you think women are gems, why don’t you keep your wife inside the locker of your bank instead of home?

Because if she is in a temple or inside the bank, how would she pick after your dirty dishes, cook you food, wash your dirt and provide sex, right?


Condemning rape is not enough. Many people I spoke to were horrified at how dangerous Indian men really are and said that they wouldn’t let their daughters out. If you think that way, congrats again, you have done exactly what the rapist wanted. Teach women a lesson for thinking they are free.

So it takes two hands to clap is the excuse to rape?

Well if one hand wants to clap and another doesn’t, then you cut off one hand from some human being and hit your hand on it to clap? And then blame the slaughtered hand for being involved in clapping?


If you agree that women must be blamed for rape, good news: YOU THINK LIKE A RAPIST.


You may not have known that before, but now you do. You are part of the problem. Chose your sides wisely.

A woman’s worth is not flowers or gems or gold or god damn diamond. A woman is worth any other human being. Period!



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