What Happened Next? After I called out on a married guy trying to hit on me…

If you have not read how it all started, here is the link to the post Married, yet available: why single men think it is their fundamental right to flirt with single women?

So, after he flirted and I responded, he pretended like nothing happened..


Saying HI like nothing happened…

And then came my blog post of his nightmares!

Which lead to his response:


Please note how easily he tried to navigate by his deed asking “can we move ahead”?

Yea, like I would just ‘move on’ like someone accidentally stepped on my shoe.

And then ” I need you as a FRIEND”, yea like men like these ever see women as friends…..

And sometime later…see how his words change…..

See how worried he is that I wrote a blog about him…he is so concerned about his reputation and image. I could have very easily NOT HIDDEN his name and details but as you can see in the last post as well his name was hidden through out. Yet, because he has this fear, he thought his name was out there. He is lucky I didnt HASH TAG him.

Moreover, the word RESPECT coming out from the mouth of this man…naaaaa I just don’t buy it. Its more like HITLER fighting to be the next United Nations Secretary General.

So, here is what I did next;


I could have simply blocked him after he flirted but I wanted to share the post first and give him the time of his life. After he read the post, there was no remorse whatsoever and he continued to defend himself.

I hope reading this post, more women call out on married guys who try to flirt with them instead of just getting manipulated by these pathetic loosers.

Cheers Single people! And to married despo guys-



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