What is the Similarity between India’s Daughter and The Stoning of Soraya M.?

If you don’t know already, The Stoning of Soraya M is a film based on a true story by Director Cyrus Nowrasteh.

You can watch it on YouTube if you haven’t seen it already. The stoning scene, I was guessing would be a blank light and then they might show a dead body. But unlike my imagination, the scene was pretty graphic with each stone filmed clearly. I cried, yes and after a little while I could not watch. The Dailymail informed that the film got banned in Iran. Why, you ask? The simple reason why India’s Daughter got banned in India! Cause the truth is sour!!!

Watching the movie I just wondered what was the last injustice I complained about. Oh yes, my GP is not giving me a letter to certify that I am unable to travel simply because they are lazy and everytime I complain, they come up with an excuse.

Speaking particularly of women’s rights, when I speak of it, I am frowned upon by many people I personally know. To be honest, they don’t want to know how violent and unfair the society is against women. If it is a film about a woman who is a great wife or a sex object, it’s all good. My family would watch it. But if it is a movie about an injustice against a woman or the struggles of a prostitue, the channel will be instantly changed. That’s how I was grown up and all my friends.

We are girls of a middle class family growing up in a country that is not in the middle of war so lets just forget or simply deny to admit that women are still oppressed. Our only ambotion in life is to learn how to cook and study just enough to get a rich guy interested to marry us. Thats it. Stories about violence and specially those like Soraya’s are mood killer for people and they must rather be left for Amnesty international to worry about.

Well, I choose to talk about it. As a Muslim woman, I hear similar things that were mentioned in the movie although India being a secular nation, stoning isn’t a common practice. However though, some remarkable things from the film:

If a man is committed adultery, the woman has to prove his guilt.

If a woman has committed adultery, she has to prove her innocence.

In either case, a woman is at a disadvantage and this doesn’t require a PhD in Law to be seen.

Please note that the two sons she gave birth to, after building their bones with her own bones, muscles and blood, the sons were equally excited to STONE her. I wonder if motherhood is only one way connection.

Her father was infact the first one to try stoning her. Is that the kind of parenting our religion teaches us?

Also, when in the end the truth comes out and people get to know that she was innocent- there is NO consequneces of lying for either her husband, the mullah or the accuser Hashem. As if a woman’s life is just like an oops, sorry.

When men scream Allah-u-Akbar loud, they forget that the same Allah and His Prophet talk about FORGIVENESS and humility as the CORE of religion.

Soraya was a young woman trying to feed her daughters that her abusive husband had abandoned. Her husband plotted all this against her just to save alimony.

She was denied an honorable funeral and the last of her body was humiliated in the worst possible way.

Watching the film, it is easy to jump to the conclusion against religion. But that isn’t what religion says is it? That’s what some misogynist scholar decided to propogate to ensure his supremacy over women and of course other men support him because it allows them to loiter freely while put a chain around women’s necks.

That is the similarity between India’s Daughter and Stoning of Soraya M. They both tell the story of extreme violence in the lives of women although there is a difference of 26 years in between the two stories.

For now, all I can do is 2 things:

1-hope and pray that other women on death row for such hideous accusations be saved

2- do whatever the hell I can to change circumstances around me

If you want to help, please visit their site here and do anything, whatever tiny bit you can, to make stoning history and save women from being killed.

Whether it is Soraya from 1986 or Jyoti from 2012, as long as women are targeted for being women, there is NO rest for me. So should be for you too.

May the souls of Soraya, Jyoti and all other women who I consider SHAHEED/ Martyers rest in peace… Ameen


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