The Impact of Sexism in Our lives is Way Beyond Recognition- Workshop at Welsh Women’s Summit 2015

Lad Culture aka Sexism is rampant in our society from the Parliament to our Universities.
After experiencing workplace sexual harassment ony 27% of women report it to a senior.
Of women seriously sexually assaulted during their life time at university, only 4% report it to their higher education institution and on only 10% to the police.
90% of victims of most serious sexual offences know their perpetrators.
1 in 8 women have left a job because of sexual harassment.
Sexism and assault that is either invalidated just because thats the way how things have been…is the oldest excuse in the book and needs to change.
This talk was about discussing the impact of such sexism on the lives of women and how trivialization and normalization leads to silencing them.
It ended by discussing how can we change this. The talk was illustrated by fantastic and thought provoking art pieces by Bev Irving.
DSCN3905 DSCN3906 DSCN3913

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