Divorced because I had Asthma. My Story

Re-posting from Make Love Not Rape Blog.

Few days ago I wrote an article stating why it is important for the man and woman to know each other on a personal level before getting into marriage.
This story of a friend of Mine is another evidence of where mindless actions can lead you to. In her words-
I had an arranged marriage. I had only seen my would- be grooms pictures and we met thrice with our families in the room.
I have had asthma since childhood. It’s not at the extreme end and with the help of inhaler it gets under control pretty quickly.
Before I got married, I asked my parents if they had informed my in laws about it. My parents were busy spending their hard earned money those days on luxury furniture, electronics and car for my dowry. Every time I would ask they would either ignore the question or burst out saying that these things must be kept secret. I insisted they tell but they warned me and said that after the wedding they would get to know eventually and they would then find a way to deal with it.
I did get married. Three days later I had the asthma attack. My husband and his family found out. They kicked me out of the house and said my family and I are fraud. All the dowry and cash my parents gave them including my gold jewelry has been with them ever since. They simply refused to return anything…
Listening to my friends story is heart breaking. Imagine the plight of a young woman getting kicked out of her house for such a silly reason.
Read the whole story here.

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