Survivor Stories of Marital Rape

Re-posting from Make Love Not Rape Blog

‘I consider myself as a rape victim in marriage even though force and violence haven’t been used against me. I know many marriages are happy ones but having to stay in an unhappy marriage and carry out a sexual relationship that you no longer want but can’t refuse, is rape. I know what it’s like to sell my body in exchange for a man’s wage and some security when you have kids and when you have no money and no place to go.’ Mrs D.S

‘I slept with my young daughter on a mattress on the floor of our spare bedroom to escape being sexually used by my husband. At the time I was comparatively well paid as a sewing machine over looker but it wasn’t enough to keep the house of my own and paid childcare going, and it was only when I left him that I was given a free nursery place. In my case inequality at home reared its ugly head when I became mother, when I became a non-earner. It was clear to me that I just existed to service my husband who held back the housekeeping money if he was displeased in any way. Mrs M.B

‘I was driven to almost suicide by my husband’s unreasonable sex demands and sex without my consent was a regular occurrence. When I was beginning to think that I was to blame for not going along with his every sexual whim, he turned his sexual attention towards our children. Sexploitative pin ups, and literature that encouraged sexual violence against women and children, played a major part in his contemptuous abuse of our dependence on him.’ Mrs E.B

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