The Most Creative Bystander Response to Sexual Harassment I’ve Witnessed Yet

Quick post lovely readers!

This was a Facebook post of a famous British author, friend, that caught my eye today and I wanted to share his genius with you’ll.


While most people wonder what to do in such situations and most choose to ignore assuming ‘its not my business’, Munir went ahead with a straight forward decision to give him ‘a taste of his own medicine’.

I am very impressed with his quick responsiveness and can only hope that most men begin to intervene in such situations where the victim is voiceless for any darn reason.

Kudos Munir… By the way readers, Munir Bello is a fantastic author of the book ‘The Break-Up Recipe’ … case you would like to discover his wits further 😉 His twitter handle is @munir_bello

Keep making a difference people!


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