If It’s Marriage,Then How Can It Be Rape???

Last night I saw the YouTube series by Yashraj Films called Man’s World.
If you haven’t seen it already, you must waste not one more second.
In the first episode when Kiran, the protagonist is frustrated with feminism and women’s rights, he has a chat in the pub with his friend about marital rape where he fails to understand what it is. He blatantly says;
If It’s Marriage,Then How Can It Be Rape???
In the last episode when the world is flipped and women enjoy the privileges that currently men hold, ‘marital rape’ comes up again.
Only this time it’s not in just a conversation but in action.
You can watch the last episode here:
The entire series have been nothing short of an Oscar level performance for screenplay and plotting. Each oppression of a young woman’s life is so well defined and relevant. Indian men never have to live through it, they have no idea what it’s like to sweat in the kitchen for hours because they haven’t been there for more than 3 seconds.
But speaking particularly about ‘marital rape’…
The director has portrayed it as what it is. Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and in the digital age, a 3 second video is worth a thousand pictures.
Being helpless, having no say in your life and having no consent makes a person less than human. It becomes more of a master and his property relationship. Sadly, millions of Indian women go through this oppression but never say a word about it.
The very few who have dared to speak on the subject are the ones whose husbands were not only raping them but also using lethal objects to injure their bodies.
Since in this scene from the series, there is no injury or beating up or marks of violence, one can easily assume it’s NOT rape.
People forget that what differentiates a rape from sex is consent. You and I or the Police or the court has no idea if the person had consented for sexual intercourse or not. We can never assume consent on the basis of:
  • their dress
  • their relationship
  • their location
  • their lifestyle
  • their habits
  • their sexual history
  • or any god damn thing in the world….
Only the two people between whom this happens, know whether there was mutual consent or not. And most of the time when someone say they didn’t consent but were still forced, they are NOT LYING!
We began MAKE LOVE NOT RAPE because our society doesn’t even see marital rape as something real just like the protagonist of this series Man’s World.
Hence one of the purposes of this campaign is to raise awareness about the issue of marital rape and create enough noise to echo the pain of victims and survivors loud enough for  the government officials who can put a law in place. WE HAVE NONE AT THE MOMENT!
If this video series Man’s World has changed you in anyway, please sign this petition and help us make a difference.

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