PM Modi’s speech – Text book definition of ‘othering’ of women

This Is My Truth

If there’s one politician I absolutely loathe it’s the Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Besides his chequered history as Gujarat’s CM under whose watch thousands lost lives and yet he never even said, “Sorry, my administration failed”, I just find him extremely loud, crass, dishonest and downright creepy. The moment I hear or see him on TV my peace of mind goes for a toss, and so I never actually hear or see him. I change channel. I never saw any of his speeches until today, when I watched the speech at the launch of Prime Minister’s gold scheme.

I heard him today because he was making these terrible blunders one after the other and I was noting them down and wondering how much worse would it. Where he go wrong? He used gendered language.

“In India, women don’t have anything, house, car et all in the name of husband or son…

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