17 Great Reasons Why You Should Come Out As A Feminist in 2016

Feminism is about EQUALITY of all humankind, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender, age, ethnic origin and income, KEEPING in mind that minorities and some genders have been prone to more oppression and unequal treatment than the others.

It’s important to note the last point because this is the most usual and actually lame argument of a non-feminist person; “why are you not a humanist or equalist?”

Anyway, this post is about reasons why you must come out as a proud and bold feminist if you’ve been thinking about it for a while now and don’t have enough arguments to be convinced. So here it goes:

1- On a global scale, out of 1,000 people, 504 are men (50.4%) and 496 are women (49.6%). Wouldn’t it be stupid to hold almost half of the world back just because they come with eggs and ovaries?


2- Out of this 49.6% of women, on a global scale, women don’t earn anywhere near what men earn at the same level. (I’m not quoting the exact numbers because this inequality differs from country to country and industry to industry. For example, women in the third world countries face a lot more inequality than those in the first world because of orthodox and outdated traditions).


3- In every single country on the planet, from little foetuses to grown elderly women, females are raped, beaten up, murdered, assaulted and threatened, merely for being women. In India alone, millions of female fetuses are killed plainly because – it’s a girl!


4- And where women are raped and assaulted, most of the times, they get punished, abandoned and further hated by their own family members instead of sympathy and support.

Wouldn't it be stupid to hold almost half of the world back just because they come with eggs and ovaries-

5- Because you may be a woman or in someway related to one. What happens with women on this planet IS YOUR BUSINESS! It directly or indirectly has an impact on our world, our society and the way things are.


6- Because women are highly objectified in the media, merely for sexual imagery and male gaze instead of their talent or contributions. Pick up any magazine and you’ll find a male celebrity in a suit and a female in bikini or just plain nude.


7- Because women are still BLAMED for rape and assault despite several law, science and pscyhology research proving that rape is a crime and a criminal must be punished for it, not the victim. There’s no such thing as ‘she was asking for it’ because even dead women within graves and babies in hospitals are raped. No one ever asks for it.


8- Because while we proudly teach our daughters to be bossy and dominating like our sons, we don’t teach our sons to be sensitive and caring like our daughters. Yeah; like its such a bad thing for a man to be caring and sensitive…Isn’t that what every single woman finds the sexist in a man?


9- Because it’s way more dangerous to be a woman than a soldier in a war torn country.


10- Because it’s high time we stop¬†excusing men’s behaviour as ‘BOYS WILL BE BOYS’. If men are so weak in controlling their actions and their judgment can be easily manipulated, then they must all be banned from every single parliament around the world and every single board position.


11- Because it’s easier to be hated and ridiculed by your friends and family when you point out that rape jokes or jokes that demean women are not funny.


12- Because girls are constantly pressured by media and society to objectify their bodies and held to impossible beauty standards while at the sametime being labelled as sluts and fake for using make up.


13- Because academic fields like STEM, law, finance and several others actively discourage women students by propogating false beliefs such as ‘girls can’t do maths’, despite Maryam Mirzakhani. (Mic drop)


14- Because the world needs more people that can understand the struggles and oppression that patriarchy causes against men, women and the whole society.


16. Because FEMINISM IS A BY PRODUCT OF PATRIARCHY. If patriarchy wouldn’t exist, so wouldn’t feminism.


17. Because  Justin Trudeau!


So, there are actually a million reasons why now, more than ever, you must begin speaking up when you hear jokes that demean women, whether it is online or offline, begin treating ALL women with respect not just because you’re related to them and apart from women, LGBTQ and all people every where need love and respect…

But most of all-

If you’re not part of the solution, you ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM.

Merely blaming the government and the rapists is NOT enough. If YOU care about it, open your mouth and let your voice be heard; even if the scenario is on a silly WHATSAPP group.

Best wishes and peace,