Even Women Are Not On Women’s Side (3 Evidences)

There are two major assumptions about women in our society:

The first one is:


And the second is:



Good women that support others (both men and women) exist AND so do awful women exist who find happiness bringing everyone down.

However, as a feminist, it seems so logical that as a woman I’ve got to be on MY side, right? How can I be a woman and NOT be in support of equality for womenkind! Totally absurd.

But as absurd as it sounds, there are women that I come across everyday who not only have no idea how they are being oppressed in the name of tradition, religion and trends… they actually are high on victim blaming for rapes and domestic violence. One might expect women to understand the pains of other women simply because their experiences might be similar and hence they might have compassion.

But as much as its wrong to assume that all women are enemies of each other, it’s also a mistake to assume that all women would understand each other’s troubles and fight for equality.

Millions of evidences exist, here are three:


Read this: 9 Female Celebrities Who’ve Bad-Mouthed Feminism

The second is:


And last among the million others is because:


If that wasn’t the case, this show wouldn’t be so famous in India. Read Why I Stopped Watching Comedy Nights With Kapil years ago, here. More like Patriarchy Nights With Kapil.

Friends, in a misogynistic society, we all need to develop our critical thinking skills and EDUCATE ourselves about things that make an impact on us. Women are half the humankind, why would we not support their equality and human rights, regardless of our gender?

If you do come across such demeaning jokes, messages or incidents, please do your due diligence and become an active bystander. Begin by learning from videos like this:

What to do when you see gender violence around...

Please share your thoughts and stories.




4 thoughts on “Even Women Are Not On Women’s Side (3 Evidences)

  1. Here’s what I tell such people (women who disassociate from feminism) –
    – This “dirty word” or “embarrassing label” or whatever you think of it, this FEMINISM got you the right to vote, the right to an education, the right to leave an abusive partner, the right to property, and many other fundamental rights. Before feminism, you were not a human being. You could be owned (like cattle or a piece of property).
    – You may be very hip and modern and affluent and in control of your own body and mind – so much so that feminism seems ‘passe’ to you – but there are millions of women around the world struggling for their basic rights – do you think they do not matter? Do you think we don’t need a movement to help ALL women just because you have it nice?

    Women who don’t support other women –
    Agree, centuries of patriarchy has made women into foot soldiers of patriarchy – – centuries of slavery taught women to fight for men’s attentions, men’s favors – because education and independence were denied to them – they got hard wired into thinking that their success comes at a cost to other women – it’s something women need to break out of and learn to support one another.

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  2. Hello !
    I don’t want there to be any confusion – I am a man from Europe.

    I got to your site while looking up info on the film “The Red Pill”.

    These are just my two cents. Read and forget.

    You and women in your country definitely need empowerment – you are being opressed. The problem with feminism in the west is that it has become toxic. Instead of wanting equal rights, they want superiority. This is why a lot of women in the west turn their back on feminism. In Europe less then 10% of women now say they’re a feminist !

    I wish you all the best of luck in your endeavours.


    • Hi Florian,
      Thanks for your comment and I’m glad you stumbled upon my blog. I totally get what you mean and it certainly is the larger narrative about feminism that has been created but any person (man or women or trans) that claims one gender to be superior than the other, clearly don’t know what feminism is about. The same myth/ narrative is also present in India where men claim to be oppressed because few laws favor women. This is no way means that feminists, anywhere in the world want one gender to suffer for another. If they do, they are certainly not feminists. And I consistently write about issues in this blog where women are equal if not more participants, in working against equality.

      Thanks again for dropping by and I hope if you ever come across anyone that claims that feminism is the superiority of women over men, you’d correct them. 🙂 In the meanwhile please check these if you’re interested
      What Does Feminism Mean To You

      This one is by men Would You Call Yourself A Feminist



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