My Eyes Are Up Here: A Special Message For My Special Subscribers

Hello lovely blog friends,

I apologise for not being very regular with my posts this year as Im currently spending most of my time on my PhD but there’s some awesome stuff coming up, so hold your horses.

I’ve compiled a book called My Eyes Are Up Here- How Tough Women Handle Jerks!

It has real stories of amazingly brave women handling everyday sexism and oppression at work places and homes.

I’m opening up the platform for YOUUUU , MY LOVELY READERS…


I follow most of you all and you all have such amazing stories to share, your ups and downs, the brave ways you live your life and I want my book to be a global, loud voice for us all.

Hence, this is a formal invitation to share your story with the world.

All you need to do is :

1- Send in your story in 500 – 2000 words by 30th April 2016.

2- Decide whether you want to have it published in your own name or as anonymous.

3- Send it to my personal email

That’s all and you’ll be published in the extremely awaited book of 2016!

Please ask if you have any questions.

Love you all,

Shahla xoxo


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