Wives are not your maids, but partners in life

Hello friends,

I’ve talked about women being used as maids and their hard work disregarded as ‘sitting home all day’ many times in my blog posts.

I also shared a whole post about India being the worst country where men do not share household chores with women by scoring a mere 6 minutes a day, the world’s worst ranking.

However, this issue that wives are not your maids, but partners in life, doesn’t get talked about as much as it should.

This month I shall be talking about it on my podcast and fow now I’m leaving you with the anthem that celebrates this concept.

Watch JLo singing I ain’t Your Mama



Should I Pray Wazeefa (30 day intensive praying workout) To Fix My ABUSIVE JOBLESS HUSBAND

Hello my lovely loyal readers,

I’ve been getting too many questions lately on all my social media accounts from men and women struggling with taboo issues for which there is no good advice out there.

So, I began talking about those issues in this podcast so more people can listen and getback with their own issues. Please click on the picture below to listen to episode of the podcast:
If you have a problem in your relationship, please share your questions because these issues need a voice. You can read my blog, That Feminist Life here or email me directly with your question info@shahlakhan.me