3 Reasons You Must Stop Listening to Sad-Ass Love Songs If You Ever Want To Be Something In Life

Before you judge me for being a prick, let me tell you, I’m a hopeless romantic by nature.

Writing poetry in the rains sitting on my front porch,

Dancing under moon bathed terraces,

Travelling in vehicles & trains, lost in memories,

Tremebling to Adele’s tunes,

YES, I’ve done it all!

But there are 3 things I experienced listening to sad-ass love songs and I stopped or at least mitigated and now may be once or twice a year I listen to something sad… Here’s why:

Read here on Mogul https://onmogul.com/stories/3-reasons-you-must-stop-listening-to-sad-ass-love-songs-if-you-ever-want-to-be-something-in-life


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