This is The Reason Why Child Abuse Prevails, Specifically in Indian Homes

As a Feminist, I’m often blamed to be biased towards women and many people go as far as calling me a ‘man-hater’. If you are a regular reader of my blog, you would know that I extensively criticise women who perpetuate violence. And I want to say this at the top of my lungs that WOMEN CAN BE ABUSERS TOO!

Here is a recent conversation with a friend on Facebook that shook me to my core.


In English it means that a mother’s hand is like the F5 button on the keyboard; one tight slap on the child’s face, and the child gets refreshed!

Naturally, I had to speak.


As you can see, he thinks every mother has the RIGHT TO ABUSE HER KID.

This person is so blinded by the 1800 century teachings that say parents are to be worshipped, that he fails to recognize that children have any HUMAN RIGHTS at all.

So just because I give birth to a child, means I can beat the child, sell the child to human traffickers, sell their kidnies and do whatever I want, right?

This is the reason why VIOLENCE PREVAILS in our society. People kill each other for Rs20 and we wonder why such trivial conflicts end up in murders. Remember that children only copy their parents.

There are mothers who sell their children and there are mothers who force their daughters to be in violent marraiges just for the sake of keeping their honor (so called) in the society.

Every human being has the capacity to be evil and being a mother does not exempt that.

Child abuse is a cycle; when a child gets beaten up they learn that violence is the answer to correct behaviour and when they grow up they beat their own kids and men beat their wives because that’s what they learn. Violence is a learnt behavior…and kids learn that from parents and teachers… and before you make claims like this that mother can beat up a child, and ignore the human rights of a child, please educate yourself first

Just look at the face of the child in that photograph. I don’t understand how is that funny? Beating up a powerless child…

Friends, in order to make changes in the society, we must first break out of our shell of self praise and recognize what problems exist that are ruining our homes. We need to see how we consistently neglect our mistakes in parenting.

Unless you recognize that beating anyone up, including your own children is a crime, you can never expect such practices to end. 

And when you do spot someone abusing a child or promoting it, please please please, I beg you to speak up.

Even in public if you see someone beating up their kid, please interrupt and if things go too far, then inform the police.

Being parents is NO excuse for violence. You don’t OWN your kids. They are not your slaves.

I know it’s hard for Indian parent’s specifically to see their children as separate human beings and not just their controlled monkeys.

Nevertheless, even the tiniest of baby is a person and his/her HUMAN RIGHTS are far more important than one parent’s control issues!

Long live human rights!


2 thoughts on “This is The Reason Why Child Abuse Prevails, Specifically in Indian Homes

    • Absolutely correct. Their eyes are wide shut. Totally blinded in their own fantasy land worshipping parents, religion and culture, not seeing that parents can be evil at times, religion when becomes obsession only creates fanatics and culture is constantly moving and one needs to adapt to it.

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