Explaining my PATRIARCHAL MOM why I talk about FEMINIST ISSUES ; New #Vlog

Your MOM is the one person in the entire world who is supposed to ‘GET’ you. My Mom gets most things about me except my love and passion for ‘feminism’.
The first video she saw where I talk about MASS MOLESTATION IN BANGALORE, her disappointment began.

Now, I know that the fight for women’s rights is often seen as a POLITICAL and ECONOMICAL issue but when you have to justify your ‘having an opinion and voice on these issues’ WITHIN YOUR OWN HOME, to your family; IT’S ALL TOO PERSONAL.

Is wanting equality really so bad?
Is raising awareness on the least talked, taboo subjects offensive?

Since, I’m not an NGO or charity worker, JUST A PHILANTHROPIST who happens to choose this niche; people are all the more confused; as if the only times you must take an interest in social issues is when you can make money out of it or gain some kind of PR material.

To me, all this is just an extension of my blog, sharing the lessons from my mistakes with others and may be moving a life or two along the way. If I can save one person from the hurts they are vulnerable to; I would consider MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Please comment and share your thoughts with me on this.
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Music: Ascending the vale by Kevin mcLeod
Copyrights to images not owned (except for the personal pictures).

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