Brides Gifted Bats to Beat Abusive Husbands- DUMB Actions NOT Feminism

I wish I could appreciate Indian govt’s stance but sadly NO!
I recently saw this video where brides are gifted bats on their wedding day, by the MP politician with messages written on them that encourage women to use the bats if they encounter domestic abuse.
The problem with giving women bats on their wedding are plenty-
1- Men are very much capable of taking the bat from them and beating women instead.
2- Violence is not the answer to domestic abuse; REHAB CENTRES ARE.
3- This kind of actions place the responsibility of fighting domestic abuse on the women because they are so sure that the POLICE WON’T INTERVENE.
4- What impact is this going to have on children?
5- Why would you marry your daughter to someone you even slightly suspect might be abusive?
In the video, you can see the minister proudly claiming to have done a NOBLE deed. His deed is beyond ridiculous as it shows how little effort we put in raising good men and how sure we are that they will be abusive.
People do not understand FEMINISM at all and think women empowerment means women beating men up. 
Combatting domestic abuse has several strategies but this is counter-productive and extremely stupid.