Can An Abusive Man Ever Change?

One of my readers have been questioning this a lot and I am glad that she discovered the answer herself and was happy to share it with others in this blog post.

My reader, let’s call her Jia, has been in a relationship with a guy for the last 7 years. In the last 5 though, they started living together since she was going through medical and financial troubles and didn’t have a family to return to.

Living in was more of a last resort than a choice for her.

She admits that the guy is nice to her, romantic at times, makes her smile often. But this does not make her slide over the financial, emotional and mental abuse by cursing her over silly things and keeping her dependent on him, taking advantage of her illness.

She was about to break free from his shackles by getting a job and recovering from her health when she had decided in her mind that as soon as she can, she will stop living with him and end this relationship.

She ended it from her side several times when she was abused or threatened to be thrown out of the house because a man that loves you won’t do that to you for silly things. She knows that very well.

But since she had nowhere to go, he would always get a chance to make things usual and act like nothing ever happened.

Anyway, she had decided that mentally while she was waiting for any of her efforts to give fruits when the guys’ father passed away.

As much as she was hurt and done with him, she stood by him in his grief. She cried with him, arranged for his journey, helped him pack, gave her luggage and whatever she could emotionally and physically.

While he was gone, she got some time to herself to ponder over things and she was unsure if she could abandon him just after he lost his dad. He had been broken and Jia didn’t want to leave him alone when he needed a shoulder to cry on.

He spent a month away while she consoled him, cried with him and helped him deal with this, every single day on the phone.

He came back and she noticed a stark difference; something she had not witnessed in last 7 years!

He was changed alas! He isn’t making a fuss when she served him pasta the next day, he didn’t make her cry for a week when she asked for £50 and he honored her wish to take her out for a late night drive without giving her hell or calling her names.

She didn’t want to jinx it so she kept quiet but Jia never for once stopped noticing how much he had changed.

She ultimately started considering continuing this relationship since she was seeing that losing his father has made him a different man. It seemed like he now values relationships and understands that yelling over a bowl of pasta for 1 week is not the way to treat your woman. It seemed like he had grown, become emotionally matured since his fathers passing away.

With a skeptical heart, she started wondering if this would last or not and certainly began feeling thankful and cheerful for the great guy. She started to think may be the earlier abuse was a test and may be he has outgrown all that.

Last night she asked him to pick some food for her as she was ill and could not cook. She planned to watch Jessica James, put Netflix on, got the plates and drinks out and made everything ready for the fun night she had planned.

He got home and asked if the food order in the text message is for both of them or just for her. She had only asked to pick what she wanted with common sense that he would pick pizza for himself as he clearly SAID it to her in the evening.

She didn’t panic or fight over food (when clearly it was his fault/dumb/stupid excuse for not picking his food as he always does) but divided her food between two plates and brought to the table while Jessica James started.

He never shut up for a minute, complaining that the food is not enough, it has garlic, why didn’t she write his order too in the text. No matter what she said, he began the same old, throwing things around and went to the bedroom abusing her for being selfish and calling her all sorts of names.

Usually, Jia is sick and still feeds him first, and if has any energy left, would cook something for herself. She had planned to eat together this night while watching the new movie but unfortunately, he couldn’t let that happen, would he?

She tried to eat a little bit while waiting for him to grow up and come out but he didn’t. She put on clothes and limping in her medical condition, walked down to the nearest take-away and got him pizza.

Instead of realizing what an asshole he’s been all night, he started abusing her even more in words that range from her dependency to abusive names you wouldn’t ever call anyone in your right mind.

Ultimately he said sorry and that he had a bad day- but that’s the CLASSIC EXCUSE for any abuser, she knows it well enough by now. Nothing she hasn’t heard before. He forced her to eat with him but she simply could not stop weeping and just left him alone, as she pretended to be on the phone with someone.

She’s been asking me for the last few months about her decision to leave this, really long relationship and if it was possible for an abusive man to change.

Tonight she said just one sentence-



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