Orgasm ≠ Consent, Orgasm ≠ Consent, Orgasm ≠ Consent

This is something supreme courts judges, lawyers, police and almost everyone in the society gets wrong except for sex educators and scientists who study it:

No means no has proved to be rocket science for Indians.

Don’t know if I can blame those who think that because of the stupid messages we receive:

“Ladki ki naa me haan hoti hai (There is a yes hidden in a girl’s no)” or literally the song “kab tak ruthegi, chikhegi, chillaegi?” (Until when is she gonna get upset, scream and shout)

No wonder Indians, who are denied basic sex education, think weird things when it comes to physical intimacy with their partners. Despite sex being a taboo subject, our internet search history record for porn shows how desperate and horny our nation is most times.

Rapes and assault cases are prevalent like a nasty virus.

Should we blame the younger generation for displaying affection, expressing love and wanting to be together or do we blame the older generation for not providing safe spaces and proper sexual education to children so that they don’t have to put themselves in risky situations when they are vulnerable and just want to be loved?

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Slut Shaming the Most Powerful Woman of India

Moral policing and slut-shaming are the best hobbies of Indian men and women. And when they are on it, they don’t spare anyone. Even if they have to spread lies about it.

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My Facebook newsfeed flashed this image recently.

The idea behind sharing this image was to shame Sonia Gandhi for wearing a bikini. How could a senior woman politician in India possibly be in her swimwear, right?

First of all, the woman in the photograph is Ursula Andress, and the still is taken from the James Bond movie “Dr. No”.

Secondly, even if it was Sonia Gandhi, so what? How is wearing a bikini in any way comparable to having rape charges against oneself or being responsible for a genocide of thousands of human lives?

This slut-shaming and moral policing has gone too far.