Can denying women’s conditions in India really help?

To treat cancer, one has to first admit that something in their body is not right. Then they go to a doctor. Based on the doctor’s reports, they might confirm that their body has cancerous cells, and then they discuss the course of treatment. It should be the same when it comes to women’s safety. However, Indians are too overwhelmed by ‘the glory’ of their country to admit that something is not right. So you can forget about going to experts to seek advice (the equivalent of going to a doctor in the case of cancer).

India is not an individual person but a nation among many others who share this common place called Earth. But ‘the doctor’, a.k.a the Thomson Reuters Foundation, went ahead and did the examination anyway and provided their diagnosis:

India ranked world’s most dangerous country for women.”


Is displaying BIGOTRY in public really that bad?

You may have seen, heard about, got involved or moral policed public displays of affection. You know, when a couple holds hands, kisses or cuddles in public.

(And somewhere in India a sanskari uncle, a.k.a an Alok Nath, burps real hard everytime someone engages in PDA). PDA is old and totally not sanskari. Of late, India has its own favourite thing to practice and bond over: