Nothing Unites Indian Muslims & Hindus More Than Their Hatred for Gays


It is a weird day.

Finally, the conservative Hindus and Muslims of India agree on something- HOMOPHOBIA!

I guess the only thing more powerful than their love for religion is their hatred for LGBTQ people.

The moment I stumbled across the scrapping of 377 landmark judgment of the Supreme Court of India yesterday on my Facebook timeline, I thought this was too good to be true. Probably fake news.
But as I scrolled down and read this shared by countless pages, I thought to myself OK this is true.
And the realization made me jump with joy!
Not because I’m gay but simply because I believe all humans should have the right to love and marry who they please. Just like I don’t need to be a tree to care about climate change. It’s just a positive and progressive change that would give relief to countless people who were oppressed. A major step towards progress.
I too added my joy to the ongoing chatter and posted it on social media.

Within minutes it met with abuse and trolls.
My joy was short lived.

I am a Muslim myself and used to cringe at the thought of gay relationships. That’s social conditioning. The environment I grew up in, the teachings I received and what I saw on TV and in Bollywood.

But that was ten years ago. I had to unlearn a lot of this homophobia when I moved to the UK and actually met people from different beliefs, cultures, orientations, and ideologies in general. Plus I read peer-reviewed academic journals to support my thoughts about various issues.

In fact, I did a post just a few months ago I Hated Gays But Then

I urge you to please read the article above and understand what takes a Muslim gay hating woman to become an LGBT ally.

I was open about my support for this decision and got heavily trolled online. In fact, I was so shocked that except a handful of people in my friend list, most people are highly offended that LGBT people can now live like humans.

I never get why two people being in love or just sharing their bodily autonomy upsets the society so much?

I know the law has been scrapped and the people will no longer be put behind bars but seeing the amount of #homophobia today, I got deeply depressed. And I am not even one of the ones facing discrimination. I cannot even fathom what these people have had to go through, not just in India but in the entire world all through the ages.

Also notable is the fact that PM Modi has not uttered one word on this. The RSS has openly condemned this and the majority of India is going nuts in fear of the rainbow flag. Makes me feel we are far far away from having dignity and social acceptance for the LGBT people on the grounds and within homes.