What Does Parenting And From A Child’s Perspective Look Like

Parenting and parental abuse is a highly controversial subject.

Those who are lucky enough to have caring and loving parents, having empathy for others neglected and abused by parents is rare.

Where Swords Belong is a book by Pethric Matthews about parenting from a child’s perspective.


Considering how crucial this subject is, I invited Pethric for an interview and share some interesting things about it.

I first asked about a commonly held misconception that people have in general about parenting.

She says, “most of us are so busy following the latest trends that we are blinded and unable to understand the psychological damage that does to children. By simply following a fade, may in fact be causing abuse to your child. There are also instances that one feels is abuse, but in fact it is not and often kinder to the child than the alternatives that we are being told to follow ‘for the sake of the child.’ Abuse often happens without the parents even realizing that they are abusing the child and potentially damaging their future.”
I then wanted to know why did she choose to write about this subject?
 “I have been writing a series of fiction novels, but between books, I like to have a pallet cleanser and tackle some very controversial topics. I believe this to be a very important topic as I can’t believe in this day and age we still have to have days to bring awareness to a woman and child abuse. I have also seen so many young parents doing a brilliant parenting job and then others trying but failing dismally. In this book, there are some guidelines of does and don’t to help the parents that are trying their best, but just not quite getting it right. I also felt that it was very important to share from a child’s perspective to help parents realize what effect their actions or lack thereof have on their children.”
Lastly, I wanted to know who would like to read this book and benefit from it?
The book is exactly what the title states, “Parenting From A Child’s Perspective.” The book is aimed at parents and prospective parents. The book starts off defining the role that quality time plays in a family. The importance of quality time is something that is often lost today. The book also deals with the importance of parents standing united and what that does for the psyche of the child/ren and single parenting in this regard. The very touchy subjects of sex and discipline are also discussed. Other topics include conditional vs unconditional love, routine, giving a child choices, explaining tough topics to children such as changes in their body and death, social behavior, sibling rivalry, nutrition and how tough is too tough.
The book will be available for purchase on the 1st December 2018 from the website address above and on Amazon.

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