What Do Lady Gaga’s Oscar Award Mean For Women All Around The World in (Domestic) Abusive Relationships

So, if you aren’t aware, Lady Gaga is the first person ever to win


a Grammy

a Golden Globe and

An Oscar.

Watch her victory speech here:

She said that she once had a boyfriend who said that she would be a forever failure, never achieve anything in life. Possibly the guy must have meant a big deal to her since his words hit her so bad and remembered all of that to be mentioned in her OSCAR SPEECH!

But what does this really mean?

She could simply have taken the trophy and thanked her rich friends and family and walked off the stage, right?

Why did she mention that crazy boyfriend and what does that mean to us all women around the world?

That’s because too many of us women in the world tolerate abuse from the men we love in fact we are told and taught to mistake abuse for love.

Abuse does not always reflect broken bones and a black eye.

I think worse than that is the emotional and mental abuse that takes the self-esteem and self-worth of a person forever. Broke bones and bruises take time to heal but do heal even if they leave scars behind.

But emotional wounds are so deep and so permanent, they often remain forever and rarely heal. Of course, there are people like Lady Gaga who heal from those wounds but it’s not easy.

Way more than the women who move out of such relationships, I personally know women who are still staying in bad relationships and often stay in it forever.

And this also remains true for men. If your women think of you as their personal atm’s, and make you feel bad if you cannot buy them one thing or another, then you don’t have to take that crap.

You must have people to love you for you. And love must not hurt.

And if you are in one such relationship, I hope you take inspiration from Lady Gaga and get the courage to realize your potential.



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