I Love The Too-Busy-For-Revolution-Kind-of-Women

You know who I am talking about.

The ones that look down upon women fighting for womenkind.

The ones that say “oh noooo, I can’t march on Saturday, it’s my club and bowling time”.

The ones that cry for safety but do not have time to fight for it.


Oh, and my favorite ones…

That say “I’m not the feminist kind”, like gender equality is a crime.

That show their ugly privilege by saying “low wage? Just start a fucking business”!

Or that “men and women are equal but feminist I’m not” (#Facepalm).


The ones that growl when grouped in public but don’t raise an eyebrow on child gang rapes.

The ones calling Gloria Steinem, Ashley Judd and Madonna, white drama queens;

Emphasizing that only third world women suffer while first world women have perfect lives.

The ones that do not recognize that ‘standing up’ inspires a chain reaction of resistance.


Oh, oh and the ladylike ones are the best too.

The ones that ask “marching in public? Don’t you fear being dumped or raped or killed?”

The ones that ‘don’t see the point’ despite suffragettes shining in history books.

The ones that raise another generation of sexists, racists and classists.


It’s OK, I get it; you are too busy to participate in social change.

I respect your right to stay home, no judgments.

But when I don’t judge you, you have no right to tag me as ‘feminazi’ either.


Because the streets you walk in, are paved by my feminist sisters’ blood.

And wanting a safer world for your daughter is not the same as cooking Jews in gas chambers.

Maybe one day, your daughter will tell you the difference. (That’s if you decide to have one and didn’t commit foeticide.)

Or your son, you’d listen to him, right?


Explaining my PATRIARCHAL MOM why I talk about FEMINIST ISSUES ; New #Vlog

Your MOM is the one person in the entire world who is supposed to ‘GET’ you. My Mom gets most things about me except my love and passion for ‘feminism’.
The first video she saw where I talk about MASS MOLESTATION IN BANGALORE, her disappointment began.

Now, I know that the fight for women’s rights is often seen as a POLITICAL and ECONOMICAL issue but when you have to justify your ‘having an opinion and voice on these issues’ WITHIN YOUR OWN HOME, to your family; IT’S ALL TOO PERSONAL.

Is wanting equality really so bad?
Is raising awareness on the least talked, taboo subjects offensive?

Since, I’m not an NGO or charity worker, JUST A PHILANTHROPIST who happens to choose this niche; people are all the more confused; as if the only times you must take an interest in social issues is when you can make money out of it or gain some kind of PR material.

To me, all this is just an extension of my blog, sharing the lessons from my mistakes with others and may be moving a life or two along the way. If I can save one person from the hurts they are vulnerable to; I would consider MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

Please comment and share your thoughts with me on this.
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Launching my YouTube channel with a video on BANGALORE MASS MOLESTATION FEST

Hey lovely readers,

Wish you an awesome, happy and successful 2017!!!

I’m absolutely thrilled to inform you that after 4 years of procrastination, I have finally materialized a very personal GOAL of mine- YOUTUBE CHANNEL for this blog.

I love watching videos and I know you do too. Sometimes reading a blog post can be just too hectic. Hence, the channel is now LIVE!

I had been wondering what should my first video be about and did film some videos already. But when I saw the news on how Indians celebrated new year, mostly in Bangalore, I just couldn’t keep it to myself.

So, my first video is about that. Watch it here-


Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel, I do need your comments and subscriptions for a little pep talk as this is all too new.

I truly appreciate you being with me in this journey, looking forward to hearing your views on the issue and expectations from my channel.

Sending love and happiness,

Khan Girl 😉

Triple Talaq- The Charade Against or In Favor of Muslim Women

So, #TripleTalaq is a hot topic at this moment in Indian media.

Despite almost 22 countries (governed by Muslims entirely) banning this system of divorce, it is practiced in India predominantly.

 Muslim women went to the Indian courts and appealed for this to be banned and have their rights safeguarded.

The Indian Muslim Personal Law Board of India says “this is our religious matter and you must not intervene in our ways” to the Indian government.

I’ve been following the discussion around for a while and here are 3 things I realized: 

1- Me

If any man says the word Talaq to me or even subtly gives me the body language that he doesn’t want me, I’ll dump his sorry ass the very moment. #NotDesperate

(But that’s just me and I’m obviously speaking from a position of privilege as  I have a doctorate level qualification, earn my way in this world, speak different languages and been surviving on my own long enough. Not every woman has those privileges and education, therefore no judgment against women who want to stay in bad marriages).

2- What’s in the Quran.

Yes, in the holy Quran and the various Sharia’ that came after it, the triple talaq is mentioned. But like every other subject, it is a matter to be seen within the context. It’s not that Islam was trying to favor men over women in order to keep women oppressed.

In Saudi Arabia, during the olden times until now, paying the dowry was the man’s/ groom’s duty. That meant a man had more financial stake in the marriage as he had paid for the ceremonies and other whole shebang. Therefore before uttering the word ‘divorce’ men had to take precautions, think carefully as remarrying may not be an option, so trying to reconcile would be something men would be inclined to do.

Women, on the other hand, didn’t have to pay for the dowry or ceremonies which made it financially a much less risky business for them. And since re-marriage in Islam was allowed, it was a lot easier for a woman to just get rid of one husband and re-marry another. Hence all the other precautions in order to safeguard the financial stake of the man but also not denying a woman’s right to get rid of the man if he was genuinely awful to her.

This is highly inapplicable in the Indian situation because, in India, Muslim men take dowry from women, just like Hindus. This removes the financial pressure from men and places it on the women’s family.

To this if you add the triple talaq convenience, it just makes life a bed of roses for such men

because not only they take dowry, money and everything in between from the woman, they also kick her out any moment they want with three words. It is double the risk and inconvenience for women.

3- LAW OF THE LAND should preside.

Among all the arguments, the most important law that should prevail is the human rights law. Second, comes the law of the land and then third comes the law of any religion. 

In case you think I’m a bad Muslim for saying so, go read the Islamic history and Hadith, that’s what Islam says too- the law of the land comes first!

If every religion started preaching their own philosophies in the Constitution, the Sati system would never have been abolished. That must be one sorry state.

Muslim politicians are bringing all sorts of excuses of times when the Indian Government failed to provide equal rights for Muslims and may be favored some religious groups- Owaisi mentioned about the inheritance rights of Hindu women and their marriageable age. True, those are awful too but they do not justify oppression of Muslim woman. And I’m sure, sooner or later that would be dealt with too. Because the population and educational level of Hindu women in India is much higher than that of Muslim women.

If Muslim women have taken such steps and are standing up for their rights, I’m sure Hindu women will win their rights too. It’s just a matter of time…

For me- it’s not Hindu women’s rights or Muslim women’s rights-



Therefore, my 2 cents- Islam is great but it needs to be understood in the context of situations, not as an excuse to pursue personal agendas and it look like women oppressor.

I don’t know about the older generation but I really wish and pray that the younger one doesn’t copy the older ones and move towards humanity and equality.


Why Am I Not Having Kids Already?

Being single in this big, bountiful, beast-full world is a challenge.

The one thing I hear quite often is about my #FOMO on kids.


Strangers (who don’t give a damn about me) are extremely worried about my reproductive system not functioning well when I want to have kids.

First of all, I don’t get why people take it as a given that every woman wants to have a child or rather, HAS to have a child. 

Let me break the news to you- women are more than human incubators and pacifiers, so, yes they may very well decide NOT have to use their reproductive systems at all.

Just like every human (most) have a voice box but not everyone wants to become an opera singer, similarly, just because I have a uterus and ovaries doesn’t mean I would specifically want to use it.

Secondly, what’s the point of being a mother if you can’t spend it the way you want?

I’m not judging anyone here because I’m matured enough to understand that not all people have the privileges that I have and their choices may be limited. But before I explain what I mean- just see this advert about working moms.

It teared me up because when a woman is working, she has double the responsibilities.

The world today is such, no one can guarantee that the child’s father will do at least his part of the job. My cousin sister is married but earning and raising her daughter entirely on her own and help from her father.

You might suspect the father might be a broke ass hustler but he is a well-qualified engineer who just doesn’t care enough to feed his second child even (he has one son from another lady). This picture below is only a fantasy for most.


That’s the irony of the modern life. Relationships are as fragile as ever. 

I love children. But having one of my own is not something I would consider unless I have enough buck in the bank that I can focus all my attention on one thing.

This woman in the advert is working her ass off. And for every woman out there who has a family and goes out to work- I’m not judging you, I SALUTE YOU!

You’re wayyyyyyyyyy more active, productive and hustler than I am.

But this does not mean I should feel forced into pumping out babies just because others have.

I’m simply not built for it. Maybe if I had no choice and if I were forced into it, I don’t know how I might have put up with it. But as long as I have a CHOICE, why would I give it up?

It’s like getting into trouble, purposely.

There’s so much that I have to do on my own yet, check out these 3 that are on top-


1- I’ve to go backpacking across Ireland.



2- I’ve to learn Waltz in Vienna for 3 months.


3- I’ve to witness the Northern Lights in a tent. 

Now, with all this stuff to do, baby plans don’t fit in as yet. They might someday when all this and the rest of the things on my bucketlist are met, but for sure, I wouldn’t want to have a baby and then regret when I’d see single people backpacking across the world.

Just as I respect people’s choice to have babies, I’d like people to respect my choice to not have one at all (or till the day I feel ready for it. )

Now, I’m humbled that people care so much about the single woman of the society who has dreams of her own, to do something for herself that makes her happy… but sorry, not sorry!

Whether you have babies or not, please make sure your decision is based on your likings rather than fear or “since my neighbour had one, I should too”. 

I have never had any, but I see the amount of sacrifices and hard work that goes into raising another human being.

I can’t feed a fish pet, how do I take the risk of bringing another human life into this world.

And I have no shame in admitting that my priorities are taking care of my family first, the mother and father who brought me on earth. And I also have no shame in admitting that unless I’m internally ready for it, forcing myself into it will only make me a terrible mother.

So, all those worried about my reproductive system- “take a chill pill”.

And don’t worry if my ovaries don’t work, I will happily take care of one of the millions neglected by so-called parents. 

Happy days for everyone!